Tree Peony Species As with herbaceous peonies, the classification of species tree peonies is a complex matter, with different taxonomists coming to diiferent conclusions about plants. Anyone deeply interested in such matters may consult Hong De Yuans book ‘Peonies of the World’ which is the latest taxonomic revision of the genus (ISBN:9781842463925 August 2010). Listed below are some tree peony species. Click on the buttons to see images of representative plants.
Paeonia delavayi Paeonia delavayi Paeonia jishanensis Paeonia jishanensis Paeonia rockii Paeonia rockii Paeonia suffruticosa Paeonia suffruticosa Paeonia ludlowii Paeonia ludlowii Paeonia ostii Paeonia ostii Paeonia qiui Paeonia qiui Paeonia lutea Paeonia lutea next next previous previous The Peony Society