Is Your Home Infested With Pests?

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We live in a shared world with different creatures that crawl, slither, or scuttle, and most of them could be found in the forest or a faraway place that’s considered their natural habitat. Unfortunately, sometimes they could already be crawling, slithering, and scuttling around your home, uninvited.

You may not be able to see them right away, but those bite marks you see on your body when you wake up in the morning are enough indications that you have unwelcome visitors in your home. Here are early warning signs you need to find before they find you, which merits a call to specialists in pest control in Salt Lake City.

Evidence of Nesting

Whatever kind of slimy, crawly things are roaming around your house, they’re surely making a mess somewhere. For example, rodents love to make nests out of anything or anywhere available to them. They’re also known for familiarizing routes and sticking with them, so be vigilant in looking for slimy trails or grease from their bodies that they may have left behind on your floors or walls.

Bugs, spiders, termites, and beetles also love nesting in dark, humid, enclosed spaces, so look for high and low corners and the bottom of your furniture.

Unusual Odor

When you start to smell something unpleasant around your house, it’s a safe bet that pests are already among you. All kinds of pests love to steal food from you, whether they’re crumbs of cookies spread across your floor or flaming hot Cheetos left mindlessly under your couch.

These grimy creatures would eventually take away the leftovers and leave these in their nests or somewhere secluded around your house that they have invaded. Then, most of the time, these food pieces are left to rot. A pest has most likely stolen a piece of fruit from you and left it unfinished when you started to smell something rotten around your house and failed to find it.

Noises on the Walls

When you hear weird noises on your walls, such as tapping or banging, don’t immediately think of the supernatural. It’s probably the sound of termites banging their heads on your walls, and possibly creating sizable colonies around your house, which is frankly just as equally terrifying. So when you hear rhythmic banging on your walls and they sound like they come from the inside, there are pests haunting your house.

Physical Damage on Your Things

Group of carpenter ants on the wall

Pests also like to nibble on packages and fabric. If you see bite marks around your favorite chips’ wrappers, a pest is definitely attempting to get to its contents. Unfortunately, it’s not only limited to your food or even to bite.

Some pests also leave bite marks on clothing, leaving slimy and dirty patches at the same time. Finding gnaw marks around your furniture frames or wiring is also a huge red flag. Physical damage also extends outdoors, if you have a garden in your backyard. Check your plants for partially eaten leaves and bite marks around the edges.

These are all early signs that pests have taken camp on your property. It is important to care about these things even when you can’t really see them because cockroaches, bugs, and houseflies spread diseases like the Zika virus, among other illnesses. Fortunately, there’s no need to keep these pests as permanent residents in your home. Once you spot any of these signs, it would be easier for you to locate them and get rid of them.

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