Prepare Your Home Before the Next Lockdown

woman wearing facemask staring outside the window

The situation during the pandemic is always in flux. The government calls for a lockdown at a snap when necessary. This is the only way to safeguard the population against the further spread of Covid-19 and its new variants.

During a lockdown, the order for people to stay home is much stricter. Only essential work and healthcare stay open. People can only go out to shop for essentials like food and medicine. The government closes schools and businesses deemed non-essential. These include cinemas, restaurants, bars, and even gyms.

Now is the time to ask yourself if your home is a comfortable place during such periods.

Outdoors at Home

You are lucky if your home has ample grounds. This will give you breathing room while abiding by the order to stay home. You will still be within your property but with enough distance from others.

But are your grounds suitable for relaxation? Or did you neglect their upkeep while you were busy working in the office before the pandemic? Spending time now in an unkempt yard will make you feel stressed instead of relaxed.

You can enjoy yourself even within the confines of your property if you surround your home with well-kept and lush greenery. You can have a mix of ornamental shrubs and flowering plants, small fruit-bearing trees, and vegetables in your home garden.

Harvesting your fruits and vegetables is very satisfying. During a lockdown, this will also augment your food supply.

The key to not having a hodgepodge of elements in the garden is good design in landscaping. Some people do not have enough skills for the undertaking. They instead avail of the services of professionals. You can ask for a quotation to see if you can afford it. Green Oasis Landscaping, for instance, provides free consultations on-site. There is no obligation on your part.

If your home does not have a yard, a patio or a balcony can still provide some experience of the outdoors. Spruce up this space with thriving foliage in pots. This can make it feel like a microcosm of the great outdoors.

It is important to find out what direction the patio or balcony is facing. This will determine how much sun it gets and at what time of day. This information is essential in choosing the plants that are suitable for the location. If you do not consider this, you can get frustrated in your gardening efforts.

woman walking outside wearing facemask

Indoor Space

What if your home does not have a yard, a patio, or a balcony? This can make you feel boxed-in if you are not allowed to go out. Again, the key is to have indoor plants. This will bring in the feeling of being in the open air, in nature. It is not surprising that decorating the home with plants gained more popularity during the pandemic.

According to a study by NASA, plants also help clean up the air indoors. They remove traces of toxins and increase oxygen levels. It is fortunate that the plants that are the best air purifiers also make the home look more pleasing.

You do not have to limit yourself to decorative plants. You can also grow herbs indoors and use these in your cooking. Likewise, you can use portable and decorative hydroponic systems to grow vegetables in your kitchen or even in your living room. These use only water and nutrients. They do not need soil.

There is no excuse not to have indoor plants. There are indoor plants that are suitable for people who do not have a green thumb. Cacti do not need much tending. Air plants are the easiest to grow.

Be warned, though, that some indoor plants are poisonous if consumed by animals. If you have pets, find out what plants you must avoid and which ones are safe.

Preempt the Next Lockdown

Take stock of your home now and identify what you need to change.

If you have a yard, have a clear idea of what types of plants you want in it. This is necessary whether you will be working on it yourself or hiring professionals.

If you have a patio or balcony, check if you need to do repairs or improvements before adding plants. If you only have indoor space, it is even more important to determine which plants are most suitable for you.

You never know when the order for the next lockdown will come. It is crucial to act now to prepare your home and yourself for it.

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