4 Renovations to Help Homeowners Extend Living Room Space

patio in house

The living room is often considered as the main centerpiece of the house. You will be spending a lot of time and doing many activities there. The living room is also one of the most flexible areas of the house. It can serve as your home office, entertainment center, and second sleeping quarter. The living room is the main area of your property, which is why it takes up the most space among other rooms. However, you might notice that it is not enough to accommodate your family and frequent guests. If you want a wider living room, you should consider making these home renovations:

Open Kitchen

Walls are essential inside your home. The concrete or wooden panels are often parts of the foundation of your house. However, walls can make any room feel smaller because it can restrict your space. Fortunately, you can take down some of the interior walls. The kitchen is often near the living room, which makes it ideal for you to get rid of the divider. As most modern homes are moving towards an open kitchen, you do not have to worry about fitting in with the current style. You will also have an easier time finding professionals to help you with the kitchen remodeling. Your living room will feel larger when you have an open kitchen and you get the benefit of getting creative inside it.

House Extension

You might want more than a few square meters if you are thinking of extending your living room. Adding space can be costly, but an extra room will be worth it if it has a purpose. You can tear down your exterior walls to expand your living room. You will be able to break the limitations of your house with the help of contractors. However, you should consider the state laws when you expand your living room past the original house design.

Outdoor Living Room

If expanding your house is out of the question, you should consider making full use of your property instead. People who want a wider room might need another area, which makes the outdoors an ideal option. You will be able to set up the lawn like how you would do it in your living room. You can add comfortable chairs in the garden and put books and appliances to provide you with entertainment and comfort. You should also consider hiring a company that provides garden landscape design in Perth to make your outdoor area look like a living room.

Patio Enclosure

Classy furniture on wooden terrace in green beautiful garden

You might already have an outdoor area that you love to hang out in with your friends and loved ones. Decks and chairs are often a part of summer barbecues and family events, which is why you should consider assigning the area as an outdoor living room. All you have to do is add a few concrete patches to provide a stable floor. You can add an umbrella stand to provide shade for your outdoor area. Aside from the extra living room space, you will be benefiting from fresh air and cool breezes.

You can have a lot of fun when you are in your living room, which means that additional space will only make you appreciate the area more. If you are looking to expand the centerpiece of your house, these options are your best bet.

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