5 Paracord Applications You Should Know About

paracords in different colors

A high-quality paracord is among the very few survival tools that can be used for everyday applications. From holding keys to serving as a binding tool for splints, paracords are a definite must-have for everyone and not just for outdoor adventurers. In fact, even astronauts have used these awesome survival tools to repair the Hubble Space Telescope, owing to their great strength and versatile nature.

This guide talks about some interesting applications of paracords to illustrate useful and important they are.


A splint is an immobilizing tool to restrict the movement of injured body parts like arms and legs to prevent further injuries. Using a hard object like pieces of wood or sticks, you can bind them using paracord to keep your injured body part from being accidentally moved and causing more damages.

The knot should just be enough to restrict movement and allow for blood to circulate freely. Injuries can happen inside homes and not just out in the wilderness so paracords are a great tool to have in handy.

Starting a fire

Normal paracords are good enough materials to start a fire, acting as a sort of kindle. But there are companies that specifically manufacture paracords with better flammability; therefore, becoming more suited to quickly start a fire in emergency situations. You just have to make sure that you’ll pair the paracords with waterproof matches or a fire starter kit to complete the set-up.

Holding tools

Paracords have been extensively used to hold various survival and everyday tools since they are easy to work with and have incredible strength. Among other things, you can use paracords to act as holders for pocket knives, whistles, water bottles, keys, eyeglasses, and many others. In fact, there is practically no limit to what a paracord can handle – just your imagination.

Making decorative pieces

This may seem like a far-fetched idea but paracords can be such excellent materials to create decorative items for your home or office. Among other possibilities, you can fashion paracords into room dividers, display boards, garlands, string art pieces, and the like. In fact, if you’re creative and artistic enough, you can create practically any kind of decorative piece of artwork as you please. Given the many colors of paracords, you can easily achieve very specific looks on your desired work of art or decoration.

Fishing, hunting, or emergency shelter

man fishing in a boat

If you find yourself outdoors and in an emergency situation, you can easily turn to your handy paracord to bail yourself out of a tight bind. For example, you can fashion an emergency shelter using a tarp or other roofing material, some branches, and your paracord as lashing. In just a few minutes, you can have an emergency shelter ready to protect you from the elements like snow or rain.

Additionally, you can use paracords as fishing lines and even baits to catch some fish or as animal traps to help you survive in a hostile environment with a limited food source.

With these applications, it’s easy to see how important and life-saving paracords can be. So, be sure to buy a few of these handy survival supplies to make yourself better prepared for emergencies whether at home or outdoors.

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