5 Reasons You Should Have Your Dog Trained for Obedience


Dogs are cuddly and sweet paw friends that we can play with, have bonding moments with, and do things that friends usually do. After all, they’re not called man’s best friends for nothing, right?

However, there could be times when dogs can be a bit stubborn and won’t obey their fur parents’ commands. It could be that they just have a bit of an attitude or that they don’t know how to respond to humans’ commands for the simple fact that they don’t speak and understand our language. In this case, a little bit of training could do the trick and make our dogs as obedient as possible.

Fortunately, there are reputable companies offering professional dog obedience training in Jacksonville, FL and other states, so finding a competent dog trainer should be easy. These dog trainers are like magicians who can teach dogs not just fancy tricks but the ability to respond to their owners’ commands as well. If you want your dog to respond to you like you two are speaking in human terms, then a dog obedience training is a must.

Here are five reasons you should have your beloved dog undergo this special kind of training:

You can achieve a positive relationship with your dog

Self-teaching your dog may suffice but it’s better to just leave the task to certified dog trainers who know exactly what tricks to use to teach dogs to obey their owners’ commands. But whichever method you choose, the end goal can be the same: establishing a positive relationship with your dog. By having your dog see you as the pack leader or just a thoughtful parent, you can enjoy precious moments of bonding with your paw kid.

Your dog will learn to socialize

Dogs are essentially social creatures, like humans. They must be taught how to interact with other dogs and humans in much the same way that we were taught how to socialize and interact with fellow human beings. By taking your dog to obedience class, he or she will learn proper behavior in the presence of fellow dogs and humans as well. This way, you won’t have to yell at your dog or jerk its leash once it starts barking or trying to ward off people and fellow dogs around.

Your dog will learn new tricks/skills

teaching dogs

If you have watched talent shows that feature dogs doing some insane tricks like they are second nature, you’ve essentially watched one of the results of obedience training. By teaching dogs to obey commands, owners can have their dogs perform tricks or do tasks such as fetching dirty clothes on the floor and placing them in the hamper.

Your dog will learn how to go out of harm’s way

Dogs who were trained have a lower risk of figuring in an accident like getting hit by a car. If you have a particularly hyperactive dog that loves to run around your yard and even into the streets, having him or her trained by a professional and with your participation can save your dog’s life. The dog can be trained to stay away from hazards such as moving objects like cars so it will remain safe when you’re not around.

Your dog will get better

Ultimately, all of those hours at the dog obedience training school will make your dog better in many ways. Obedience training is a proven excellent way of improving a dog’s skills, behavior, and attitude, thereby becoming a better version of himself or herself.

Just be sure to have your dog trained only by a reputable trainer to ensure that your pet will get the proper instruction. There are many trainers in Florida that you can tap for this purpose and you only need to choose one who offers the best service package.

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