Essential Equipment for Successful Livestock Raising

Cows eating

Agriculture has made tremendous strides toward ensuring a bigger yield for both farming (food production using soil or sea) and livestock handling (food production by breeding and raising cattle). For livestock raising, breeders and ranch owners use essential equipment to achieve this. Below are some of the farm and ranch equipment they use.

Feeding Equipment

Keeping livestock animals well fed makes sure that they are healthy and have good body structure. A feed mixer is essential to distribute the various components of your animal’s daily fare. It is especially useful when mixing in additional supplements or vitamins and medicine for weak or underdeveloped calves. Feed fences are also crucial in the proper cleaning and organised feeding of livestock. Feed fences consist of the traditional classic fence and the self-locking kind.

Some examples of feeding equipment are:

  • Feed Bunks – Bunks must be economic and practical, but of good quality. Their capacity and length should meet the feeding requirements of the livestock.
  • Portable Hay Feeders – Hay feeders allow cattle to feed comfortably by keeping their heads inside the feeder. This reduces waste since the animals don’t have to stand and chew.

Barn Ventilation

It is important to control the atmosphere in the barn to ensure ideal milk production. A working barn ventilation system gives the cattle comfort, translating to higher yield. It is cost-effective and saves time and money in the long run. A quality ventilation system can be used for future batches of cattle, making this investment worthwhile.

Manure Spreader

A manure spreader, also known as a manure agitator, lets you handle cow manure efficiently and almost effortlessly. There are several types of manure agitators, including the Articulated PTO agitator, Electric agitator on a pontoon, Electromix agitator and the Lagoon Agitator. Get the best ones to ensure a clean place.

Corral System

The corral system pertains to the type of contraption used for livestock handling. With a good corral design, you can manage the animals efficiently without needing additional hands for a smooth operation. It helps you save on time and resources, as well.

Free Stall Alley Cleaner System

There are several types of manure cleaner equipment for every type of barn. These include the free stall alley cleaner with chain, free stall alley cleaner with cable, combiscrapper, cross cutter cleaner system, hydraulic free stall alley system and scrapper deep groove system. Each of these systems can make your barn clean and smell free for that added boost in your livestock production.

Livestock Transport Handling Equipment

Cows in a transport truck

Livestock handling equipment is a crucial part of livestock production. It takes special skills to handle cattle, especially when bringing them on a long haul trip. You need to have a lot of patience and skill and must be sensitive to the needs of the animals. You must be able to observe how they react to the weather, humidity, temperature and wind conditions, for these may affect their mood and temperament. Have the equipment to keep them secure and calm to ensure a trouble-free ride for you and your cattle.

If you want to be successful in handling livestock, consider these useful pieces of equipment. They will help you achieve ideal results in managing your farm or ranch.

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