How Much Should You Spend in Utah to Install Chain Link Fencing?

Chain link fence surrounding a basketball court

Chain link fencing in Utah costs on the low-end at $590 including labor fees and materials for a small yard, but most homeowners should expect to spend between $1,121 and $2,800 for an average installation.

The size of your yard, materials, cost of labor and installation will determine the actual expenses. If you want to install a higher fence to keep children and pets from roaming outside, the price will considerably become more expensive. A four-foot fence spanning 100 feet will cost an average of $2,000, but increasing the height by just two feet could raise the price by $3,000.

Cost of Labor

It’s easier to estimate the price of materials by just shopping around for prices on retail stores, but the cost of labor can be quite tricky. You may need to pay between $5 and $20 per linear foot for labor expenses, which could account for up to 50% of your budget. Contractors may charge per hour of work of instead, and this ranges from $25 to $50.

If you need to install 150 linear feet of fencing, the cost may reach up to $3,000 whether or not the contractor charges by the hour. Those who need to replace an old one could save money by selling the usable parts to a scrap yard. You could sell chain links in good condition for up $6 per linear foot.

Cost of Materials

Another way to control the price of installation requires you to source the materials by yourself. When looking for a thicker metal strand for fencing mesh, go for materials with a lower gauge number. Gauge determines the thickness and 5-gauge strands are the commonly used ones for homes. This costs between $1.5 and $7 per linear foot. Privacy slats also increase the price by at least $3 per linear foot.

In terms of prices by the type of fencing, galvanized chain links are the cheapest at a minimum of just $5 per linear foot. Utah homeowners who want to harmonize the look of their homes with chain link fences should consider wood with black wire mesh. Prices vary depending on the style, but the common price ranges between $5 and $45 per linear foot.

Improving Aesthetics for Chain Link Fences

Close up of chain link fence

Since chain link fencing isn’t known for aesthetics, most people spend extra to stylize their fences. One way to do so includes adding slats. If you don’t mind a time-consuming installation, this could be a good option. Remember that chain link slats can only cover up to 75% of your front yard, so this isn’t a good choice for privacy fencing.

Another way involves the addition of bamboo screens to create a more natural look, especially if you have a garden. These offer more privacy than chain link slats, although the latter lasts longer. Bamboo screens are organic, hence requiring routing maintenance to prevent decay.

Chain link fencing in Utah remains more affordable than installing metal or wrought iron fences, but it would only be more cost-efficient if you know how to control expenses. Consult a fencing company to find out about the best choice for your home.

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