5 Landscaping Decisions You Might Want to Rethink Before Selling Your Home

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Selling your home requires investment. You want to apply the necessary effort to improve every inch of your house not only to speed up the sale but also to increase your profit. One factor you cannot neglect is your landscaping. It sets the overall tone of your curb appeal and can either invite buyers in or keep them out.

The problem with improving your landscape is that you can be tempted to make decisions that detract from rather than benefit your cause. Not all the grandiose designs you see on the internet will look good when applied to your property, and just because it’s fancy doesn’t mean your buyers will fawn over it. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. If you’re the one house hunting, what you’ll want in a landscape is simplicity, cleanliness, function, and low upkeep. This is why, among all the mishaps you can possibly make, you have to avoid these five landscaping mistakes at all costs.

Huge Trees

Trees are huge responsibilities, which is why even the average-sized ones can make any buyer rethink their purchase. Massive ones with far-reaching limbs pose hazards to your property. These thick branches can break and land on your roof, or the entire tree can be uprooted during a storm. There’s also thematter of location. Trees that are planted too close to the house cause structural issues, as the roots can compromise the foundation. If you’re planning to add trees to your vast suburban property, seek the advice of a professional gardener. You’ll also want to make sure that it’s presentable all the time, so you should schedule a regular tree trimming service. This will help potential buyers appreciate the benefits that trees bring to your property.

Water Features

Who doesn’t appreciate huge residential fountains and ponds, right? Even the smaller ones are just peaceful to look at. It’s nice to think this way when you have the patience and the budget to maintain water features like those. When you don’t, however, they can be more of a nuisance. Imagine all the insects they attract and the hazards that come with these swarms. If you’re eager to invest in a water feature, make sure that it’s not too big and that you make its maintenance easy. Otherwise, you’re better off just sticking with native plants, landscapes, and outdoor furniture that the majority of buyers will appreciate more.

Broken Pavers

In case your patio or gazebo is already outdated and worn, make sure you invest in its replacement or removal. Broken pavers are unsightly, and they pose hazards to you, your children, and your pets. Brand-new pavers, on the other hand, can significantly elevate your landscape and make it one of your house’s main selling points. This is especially true due to the pandemic when most families are looking for safe ways to bond outdoors.

Substandard Fire Pits

Similar to your pavers, anything substandard or broken won’t do. Fire pits can either make your property look modern and cool, or dated and dangerous. If you already have one installed, consider just how reliable and safe it is. Did you DIY it? Is it located at a safe distance from your house? If you’re not sure of these answers, you can either do away with it completely or let a professional contractor handle a new installment.

Massive Lawns

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Massive lawns are attractive only to certain demographics. Everybody else sees it as a huge responsibility that they’re not ready to undertake. Consider the target market of your neighborhood and whether extending your lawn is a profitable idea. Areas that attract middle-class families with children and a couple of pets might consider a medium-sized lawn, but not one that will add to the busyness of their daily lives.

What you should do instead is to improve your existing lawn and invest in a good fence. High-quality ones that provide added security and privacy are more attractive, and they make lounging in your lawn a much more attractive thought.

Keep Things Minimalist and Clean

The most appealing landscapes are the ones that are minimalist and clean. Give your buyers a blank canvas they can work on once they buy your property. Instead of adding to your already crowded landscape, consider subtracting from it by getting rid of invasive plants and worn furniture. Hire professionals to do your tree trimming and hedge pruning. Even if your outdoor space doesn’t impress with flower bushes and grand ornaments, simply keeping it clean and tidy will suffice.

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