Father and Son: Planning the Best Outdoor Getaway

father and son roller skating

A man is a reflection of all his father’s lessons. And more often than not, the lessons a young boy remembers aren’t the ones taught strictly every day. The most memorable nuggets of wisdom are those found in random circumstances, subtle actions, and reactions seen quietly. Sons rarely follow advice. But the impressions of examples shown by a father’s action can last a lifetime.

And what’s a better way of influencing your son than taking the time to bond with him?
Now, don’t panic. Not having the same interests as your son is common these days. Having a hard time bonding with your son is understandable. Most of the children in this generation are always glued to their phones. And if you’re more of an outdoorsman, then coming up with an amazing weekend is going to be difficult.

Luckily for you, we’ve got your back. The goal is to give your son a one-of-a-kind experience by taking him outdoors. You can do this by compromising and promising that you’d do his thing once you get back home. But to make sure he has a great time, here is a list of the eight things you have to consider when planning an outdoor father and son weekend.


The success of your weekend deeply relies on the location you choose. And when it comes to picking a spot, these three things matter the most.

  1. Check the weather. Once the date has been settled, checking the weather forecasts becomes a must. If it rains, your whole weekend might be ruined. Nothing is worse for a child than going out and staying inside a tent the whole time.
  2. Get the permits. Local procedures and requirements can be taxing. But they are still there for a reason. For the safety of both you and your child, following government rules is necessary. Plus, having to spend more money on penalties instead of your boy is, at the least, frustrating.
  3. Have a backup plan. This excursion is crucial for your relationship. Having only one plan is not gonna cut it. If something goes wrong, you’d need to be the hero and save the day. Having a plan B is the key. Preparing other activities in case of rain or other outside factors might make your son look up to you more.

children camping


Speaking of activities, you can’t really bond outdoor without any activities. If you want your son to enjoy your company more than he loves his gaming consoles, then you’d have to step up and prepare a very engaging weekend.

  1. Focus on his interests. Yes, he may enjoy trash-talking his friends online more than anything in the world. But occasionally, traditional manly activities can pique a boy’s interest. If he loves playing Call of Duty, then why not go hunting with him? If he stays up all night watching anime, then going all ninja on him and surviving on a mountain alone with you might just be entertaining for him as well. The key here is to ask him what he thinks. Give him a set of options to choose from and make his wishes come true.
  2. Find the balance between life lessons and adventure. There’s nothing more fulfilling to a father than pouring out his hard-earned wisdom to his son. But remember that this is a moment for you to bond and not just lecture. Activities with lessons are great. Fishing teaches patience. Hunting teaches the value of alertness. Camping and gathering teach the importance of adaptability. But all these things could go south if you do it for more than five hours.

Do your homework and study the various fruits and plants you can gather while choosing the location. Buy equipment that increases efficiency like the Penn Battle III for a smoother and faster fishing experience or a Remington Sendero SF II to ensure safety and increase stealth while hunting.

Food and Drink

This should go without saying, but in case you forget, children are like a bottomless pit for snacks. If you don’t want a grumpy child all day long, make sure you’ve got food covered.

  1. Have snacks ready on the road. The drive might take hours. And it will be longer if your son starts getting hungry. Prepare light snacks for the drive. You can incorporate the theme of your activities as well to make them more interesting. Having him eat gummy bears while you tell him that their mamma bear could be there when you arrive can be fun.PS: Please make sure there’s no bear at the campsite.
  2. Have snacks in camp. Hunting and foraging for food are fun. But if there’s even a 1% chance of not finding any, or worse, your son not liking them, packing his favorite meals secretly can be a nice surprise.
  3. Have emergency rations. Hopefully, you won’t need it. But in case you might, having emergency rations is always good.

Above all else, consider your son’s safety.

Camping outside is thrilling. But there will always be a danger to it. Prepare for wild animals and insects. More importantly, prepare for other people. Get enough sleep before you go to make sure you’re more than capable of taking care of your child during both the ride and the stay. One of the most fulfilling jobs in the world is being a father. So plan well, stay safe, and of course, enjoy.

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