Pet Care During COVID-19: How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Healthy


The pandemic has affected many of us, including our dogs. Surprisingly, there are reports that some pets have exhibited symptoms and have been infected with COVID-19. Thus, many of us choose to stay indoors to keep ourselves and our loved ones, pets included, safe and healthy.

Taking care of our furry family members at this time is quite a challenge, especially that our routines have significantly changed in the last couple of years. And as we continue to spend more time indoors, so do our pets. To make sure that we are doing the best that we can to keep them healthy and happy, here are five essential things to put on your list.

Food and Treats

Keeping our dogs happy with food means giving them healthy meals and their favorite treats. This is perhaps the easiest way to keep them happy at a time like this.

At this point, you might have explored making homemade dog food — trust us, you are not alone. Many of us have started making food for our dogs. And amazingly enough, they love their homemade meals.

To further enhance your dog’s overall physical health, let them chew on the good stuff like organic dog treats. These treats are made with natural and high-quality ingredients, which contribute to better digestion.

Better digestion means your dog is getting sufficient nutrition from the food he eats. This contributes to their overall health by boosting their energy and immunity.

Indoor Exercise and Activities

As our dogs continue to spend more time indoors with us, we must provide them with indoor play and exercise to keep them physically active and mentally healthy.

To prevent them from getting bored with their toys, take these out in sets and rotate the sets now and then. Remember to wash the toys in each set before storing them to keep them odor and bacteria-free.

Now is the perfect time to engage your dog with some training activities and reward them generously with their favorite all-natural treats. Dogs love learning new things as we do, and teaching them new commands can stimulate them mentally and physically.



Health authorities and groomers advise against taking our dogs to the groomers, for the time being, to prevent them from being exposed to COVID-19. As mentioned earlier, there have been reports of a few dogs getting infected with the virus.

Despite limited access to grooming pet salons, we can still keep our dogs well-groomed and clean. Just because we can’t take them to the groomers as often as we used to does not mean we can’t pamper our pets ourselves while staying at home. We can still give them the best care and grooming by using the right products and tools to keep their skin, fur, teeth, and nails clean.

Not only will this strengthen our bond with our pets, but they will also indeed have a great time with you!

Health Care

If you suspect that your pet has caught the virus or is ill for a different reason, call the vet before taking them to the clinic. This will allow the vet to schedule a special appointment for your dog for a thorough check-up.

Inform your vet of all the symptoms that your dog is showing so that they may be able to give you an accurate diagnosis. In case your dog tests positive for the virus, they should also go on isolation. Have them stay in a separate room in your home, away from the other pets in the household. Advise other members of the family to avoid contact with the pet until the pet’s condition improves and tests negative of the virus.

Pet Sitter

Lastly, make sure you have a designated pet sitter you can call anytime. You will need someone who is ready to take care of your dog for you in case you have an emergency. It is equally important to have a small pet bag packed with your pet’s essentials, including his medicines if he is taking any as well as his favorite treats.

The pandemic has definitely made pet care more challenging for us. With little to no access to grooming places and limited schedules available at pet clinics, keeping our dogs safe and healthy at home is just as important as we do ourselves and the rest of our family members.

By including the reminders mentioned here on your list, you can ensure that your pet is completely safe and healthy throughout the pandemic and even after that.

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