Meaningful and Practical Non-toy Gifts for Kids

children doing arts and crafts

Children adore toys, and parents love to provide them the toys they love the most. However, everyone knows where the toys will eventually end up—on the toy box floor, given to charity, or handed down to other relatives or siblings on the line. Every year, more and more toys arrive for Christmas, their birthdays, and other special occasions. Moreover, parents aren’t the only ones that give them presents too, so it’s a nice change to provide them with non-toy gifts every once in a while.

The Gift of Responsibility

All of us want our children to have more responsibility than they currently have. However, the technique is to teach them the lesson without letting them know you’re actually teaching. You can use gifts to teach responsibility in specific cases. One way to do this is to give your kids a pet! If they’ve been asking for one for a while, it’s good to consider the idea if they’re of the right age to take care of one properly. You can give them a puppy in surprise by calling a shared animal transport service and have one drop at your house.

Learning how to scramble an egg can be taught as early as five or six years old. So, it’s an excellent idea to give them some cute aprons their size and culinary equipment for Christmas! Make it a big deal by letting them know that you need their assistance to cook breakfast at least once a week since they’re big kids now and have to learn responsibility.

It’s the kind of present that keeps on giving: the gift of responsibility. Your children will be less likely to ask for financial assistance from you in the future if you raise them to be responsible. Every activity kids learn to complete on their own equips them to be self-sufficient in a few years. Remember that they are only with you for a few years, and you’ll have to teach them the proper way to be independent, productive citizens of society. One way to set the wheels turning is to give them the gift of responsibility while they’re still young.

Bath and Body Products

Shower products are essential for every youngster. Nowadays, there are so many exciting things on the market that your children will think they will receive toys, even though this is a practical gift! Your kids will love the soaps when paired with a fun loofah sponge or a new washcloth with their favorite character, and you won’t have to worry about other gifts, such as toys, taking over the house. Aside from that, they make bath time enjoyable.

Bath bombs are also popular among children. You can purchase non-toxic ones or make your own mixture to avoid those with artificial colors and substances. They will always want to smell good after bathing by the time they reach their teens.

children doing arts and crafts

Making Them Active

The gift can be a bicycle, a gym membership, new running shoes, a snowboard, a kayak, a skateboard, or anything that will encourage your children to have an active lifestyle. Maybe they’ve been asking you to let them join the traveling football team, or they want to try surfing. Possibly they viewed a video of river rafting or have been asking to go out camping.

Parenting can get so hectic that people often forget about these different activities and wind up asking their children to play outside instead of planning them. On the other hand, children will also start being more active if they witness their parents also living an active lifestyle. More than 12 million American children are obese, as per the CDC. Consider encouraging your kids to visit the trampoline gym or go rock climbing this year rather than buying them an expensive tablet or new video game console. Spending quality time with them gains you added points.

Subscription Boxes

subscription box is a present that keeps on giving since children adore receiving mail from a young age. Even if you aren’t a crafty mom who loves science experiments, you can still have fun with subscription boxes with your children. You will find all the work prepared for you inside the box: the supplies, the instructions, the ideas, and the planning!

Several subscription box providers offer one-off boxes and some memberships so you can surprise your children on their birthday, on Christmas, or any special occasion with a box. However, there isn’t any need to commit to a monthly cost.

There is no doubt about it: everyone is stumbling under the weight of all their stuff. Both children and adults have too many toys, clothes, and other possessions. What if people weren’t so “packed” anymore? Being conscious of your consumption is a great place to start. However, the solution is not to take away all of your children’s toys or ban giving presents. Children need toys since toys help them develop crucial skills. You can try to think of non-present options for the next time you give your children gifts to maintain a balance in all the clutter you accumulate.

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