Turn Your Garden Shed Into A Simple Rustic Home With These Tips


In recent years, the term “cottagecore aesthetic” was all the rage. Young people everywhere started dressing in long and romantic prairie dresses, filling their apartments with indoor plants, and romanticizing a life outside of the city.

City living has lost its charm. Instead, they want a slow and quiet life in a rural town. They want to be closer to nature, not constantly surrounded by cars, buildings, and noise.

Although not everyone can just uproot their entire lives and move to a small cabin in the mountains, it’s possible to bring cottagecore aesthetic to your suburban neighborhood. You can transform your garden shed, which has been relegated as storage, into a quaint little cabin where you can disconnect from the rest of the world whenever you feel overwhelmed. Here’s how.

Is Your Shed Ready Appropriate for Living?

First, make sure you have a sturdy structure. Living in your shed can be safe as long as you plan ahead and take some preventative measures.

A small cabin will not retain heat very well during the winter, so you’ll need to paint it with exterior wood or pressure-treated wood stain. This will help keep the outside looking nice, but also protect it from the elements.

During summer, on the other hand, your small cabin may become too hot. Adding a ceiling would help add insulation and keep the heat out. Talk to a local contractor about ceiling installation for a garden shed.

You should make sure that your roof is in good shape and will continue to be in good shape for years to come. You can do this by checking whether you have any soft spots on your ceiling, which are usually identifiable by chunks of peeling paint. If you do have these spots, you will need to get them fixed before moving in.

Does It Have Electricity and Water?

You will need to think about electricity and water before you start moving things in. Is it possible to build an outdoor bathroom? Can you install solar panels on the roof? Maybe there’s a hose that can be used for the sink faucet.

Once everything is set up, then it’s time to bring in your appliances. You can even buy a small stove if you want to make your garden shed feel more like an actual house.

What About Windows and Doors?

Windows are essential for letting light into your cabin. Make sure you choose windows that are high up on the walls since they’re most likely to be safer than ones located at ground level.

You won’t need much natural light in your garden shed due to its small size, so adding a skylight or a few windows would work perfectly well here. The skylight will bring in light without the need to open up the space completely.

Also, consider what door would be more appropriate for the space. Your regular garden shed door shuts out the natural light. You may want to change it with glass panels or at least a screen door to allow you to get more light as well as fresh air in the small space.

In addition, make sure to seal any openings around the door frame to prevent drafts. You can do this by using weather stripping or applying an expanding foam sealant around the area where the door will close.

Add Cozy Furniture and Decor

Your living space is limited, but you can make it work if you decorate smartly. If your shed does not come with shelving, now would be the best time to build some sturdy shelving units that will hold all of your belongings.

A great way to add some warmth and coziness is to get a rug. Not only will it keep your feet warm, but it’ll also help you visually mark out the boundaries of your living space.

It would be wise to invest in a few pieces of rustic furniture. Whether you go for a few solid-wood chairs or a small table, they’ll make your living space feel much homelier.

Surround Yourself with Plants


Little indoor spaces can feel even smaller if they don’t have sufficient greenery. You can make your garden shed more livable with a few potted plants and flowers strategically placed around the area.

Not only will this help add some visual appeal, but it will also provide you with some fresh air and natural aromas to increase your comfort inside the space.

Turning your garden shed into a simple rustic home is a great way to enjoy the benefits of country living without sacrificing your modern conveniences. By following these tips, you can make the most out of this small space!

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