Ways Having a Poorly Maintained Tree Can Damage Property

trees leaning to a house

Trees are a great resource to have for your home. They provide much-needed greenery and work to purify the air we breathe. They provide shade and keep your house cool and cooling costs low in the summertime. They can make your house look like a home. We are often attached to the trees in our homes because they have been there for a very long time, and some have even grown with us. But a poorly maintained tree can be dangerous to your property and even to people living in the house. These are some ways it can be harmful:

1. The roots can cause damage.

Unchecked tree roots can damage the very core of your property. They can cause structural damage by displacing the soil around them, which can cause foundations to lean in and crack. They can also grow into walls and foundations of your house, weakening them in the process. This is expensive not just because foundation repair is expensive but because the damage can also extend to your neighbor’s house. Thick roots often cause the pavement outside to crack and give in. In this case, the city could fine you, or someone who has tripped on the roots could sue you. This is why it is best to call in professional tree removal companies in Salt Lake City so that they can safely remove a dangerous tree before it becomes expensive litigation.

2. They could cause fires.

Always be aware of the direction your tree branches are growing in. If they are growing into electrical lines, this can be very dangerous. They can cause fires by getting tangled up or snapping, which can then cause the line to snap and short. This is likely to be even more dangerous in windy and stormy places. Storms and wind provide ample fuel for a fire, which could take down your entire home. Storms provide an added threat as lightning can strike very high trees, which can then set them on fire. If your tree is the highest point within a radius, maybe it is a good idea to cut it down or shorten some of its branches. Make sure to always trim your tree at regular intervals to avoid these risks.

3. They can lean into your property.

trees leaning to a house

Another danger with trees is that if they get too old, they have a tendency to collapse and lean in. This could happen overnight or over a period of time without you even noticing. Make sure to remove any tree that has started to visibly bend over. Always periodically check for signs of damage such as rot and mold. Check the heavy branches for stability. If the tree is getting hollowed out, it is a sign that it should be dealt with.

With proper care, trees can add to the beauty of your home. Before you make any decisions, make sure to contact professionals and do proper research. There may be various city and state regulations surrounding old and large trees.

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