nature inside the house

Incorporating Nature Into Your Home For Less Stress & Burnout

Incorporating nature into the home reduces stress and burnout; this includes using natural elements, plants, and landscape art. Investing in large windows allows more natural light and enhances the connection with nature, improving one’s overall mood. Creating an outdoor space with water features, outdoor furniture, and a fire pit provides a tranquil environment for relaxation.

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business sustainability

Reducing Your Business’ Environmental Impact

Every business can play a role in reducing its environmental impact, and it’s easier than you might think. In this article, we’ll explore some simple ways that your company can lessen its emissions and waste production. We’ll also discuss the benefits of going green, from lowered energy costs to increased employee productivity. So read on

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Agricultural Technology: Feeding the Country

Food in the United States is now more expensive. Reports from CNBC and CNN show that this began years before the pandemic. Climate change was a major challenge. Crops were affected by extreme heat, drought, and frost. Another cause was the shortage of workers in agriculture brought about when the previous administration clamped down on immigration.

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children in nature

Preventing Your Kids from Developing Nature Deficit Disorder

It no longer comes as a surprise that people of all ages are growing increasingly dependent on their smartphones and mobile devices. After all, the giant tech companies are making it their mission to ensure that their phones, tablets, or laptops have everything that a consumer wants and more. That’s why it’s much harder to

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Cemetery Landscaping Elements to Consider

There’s more to a cemetery than meets the eye. Not only is it a space for burial and mourning, but it is also a space for healing and acceptance. It isn’t only a place for the dead, it is also a place for the living. A cemetery tells us how we live life as humans and how

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food waste

Change Starts at Home: 7 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Pope Francis once said, “ Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry.” Very conscientious words from a conscientious man. Even if you don’t share the same beliefs and values as the Pope, the fact is food is wasted every day which could have benefited other people

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watering flowers in garden centre

Consider a Garden When You Have Children

While many states such as Nevada and Idaho have some of the fastest-growing population increases, Utah holds the distinction in a different manner. Besides an uptick in migration, the Beehive State is the only one to grow its number of residents by natural births. With more children now living here, it pays to be more

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Close-up of hands hugging a tree

Giving Back to the Giving Trees: How Sandy City Nurtures Its Forests

The United States Forest Service has found that cities all over the country are losing their urban forests. According to the study, America is losing 36 million trees per year. Sometimes this is due to natural occurrences, like storms or tornados. Sometimes it’s because of responsible and necessary expert tree removal. Fires, pests, and diseases

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Wood waste

Why Recycling Wood Waste is Important

Wood is one of the most recyclable materials the planet has to offer but due to its finite nature, it is important to understand its value and protect its source from deforestation. In industries where wood is commonly used, like wood-processing, construction and manufacturing, it is inevitable that scraps and pieces of wood may be

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