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How to Keep Your Pet’s Memory Forever

Losing a pet is never an easy experience, especially if they have been with you for a very long time. It’s one of the hardest parts about being a pet owner, but unfortunately, an inevitable one that almost everybody experiences at least once in their lifetime. However, losing your best friend doesn’t have to mean

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Travel Diaries: With Man’s Best Friend

When you go traveling for a holiday or a vacation, you don’t automatically think about bringing your pet because it poses a lot of obstacles. Questions such as “how is that even possible” or “where would we go” might surface in your mind. Well, to answer that first question, traveling with pets is possible. It

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Essential Advice For Moving Your Pet Cross-Country

Moving can be incredibly stressful for pets, especially if it’s all the way across the country. They will be exposed to a whole new environment when they arrive, and it can take a lot of time for them to get used to it. But even before you get to your new home, the process of

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Five Healthy Benefits of Living with a Dog

Dogs are the ultimate man’s best friend. In fact, a 2019 study done by the Animal Medicines Australia showed that almost two-thirds of fur parents are treating their dogs as extended members of their families. Not only do dogs provide affection and companionship into our lives, but they can also help you improve your mental,

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5 Reasons You Should Have Your Dog Trained for Obedience

Dogs are cuddly and sweet paw friends that we can play with, have bonding moments with, and do things that friends usually do. After all, they’re not called man’s best friends for nothing, right? However, there could be times when dogs can be a bit stubborn and won’t obey their fur parents’ commands. It could

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Diet Dog

What’s in a Balanced Dog Diet?

Much like how humans need specific food groups for good health, dogs also need a balanced diet. They, too, require fresh, high-quality, easily digestible food packed with essential nutrients. Without these, they wouldn’t have the energy for their puppy dog training, socializing, or playing in your Loxahatchee residence. What does a balanced diet mean for

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lawn design

Lawn Renovation: What You Need to Know

A well-maintained lawn is just as important as a home’s exterior design. If you want to increase the value of your property, you also need to make sure the lawn gets the same care and attention you give to your home. Even a small bald patch in your yard can seriously dent the curb appeal

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Why Veterinarians Should Target More Millennials as Customers

  Veterinary clinics should focus on promotional products for veterinarians—particularly pet food—especially when they target millenials as their customers. Millennial pet owners account for the biggest share of spending on food for their animal companions. In fact, 35% of all pet owners in the U.S. belong to this generation. The American Pet Products Association (APPA)

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angry dog

Thoughts on Training an Aggressive Dog

There are two options for training an aggressive dog. First, you can punish aggressive behavior with methods like collar shockers to beat the animal into submission. The hope is that you dissuade him from aggressiveness. Second, you can address the bottom line — the cause of the aggression. Many people who visit a dog trainer

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Basic Things you Need to Know about Dog Training 

Dogs are some of the most intelligent pets you can have. They also love to socialize with humans. They sometimes need more attention from their “furrents” rather than food. This is one of the few reasons they are considered as the best family pet. Teaching a few tricks is an excellent way to bond with

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