Cockroaches: Are You Inviting Them to Your Home?

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Scientists know that cockroaches have existed for more than 280 million years, since the Carboniferous era, when insects evolved and covered most of the Earth. With over 4,000 species worldwide, cockroaches are one of the most adaptable creatures on Earth. This makes controlling and eliminating them impossible, even now.

Exterminators are paid thousands of dollars to get rid of these pests, which infest thousands of homes all over the world. In some cases, different chemicals need to be used so that households can be rid of them. But why do they come to your homes in the first place?


Cockroaches love dirty places, and the filthier the place is, the more likely they will thrive. If you have ever left bread crumbs on the floor, dirty kitchen utensils, or rotten food in the trash bin for quite a while, you know this. In just a few days, they will come crawling their way to these dirty areas to gather food and reproduce. In such a case, they will also explore other areas, such as bathrooms and beds. They will find their way through the roof, pipes, underneath the floor and basements.

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Cockroaches love humid places and find the moisture inviting. Do you have a pipe leaking under the sink? In just a matter of time, you will find them crawling to that area. Cracked areas where water can seep in are also appealing for these pests. If you want to lessen the chance of inviting these creatures under your roof, consider having these cracks and small holes patched up so that moisture cannot get in them.


Do you ever wonder why you only see cockroaches during the night? You might think that’s because they are sensitive to light. Cockroaches are as afraid of humans as we are of them. Just like with any conditioned behavior, they know that if there is light, humans are present. But certain species are not afraid of the light, such as the Asian cockroach.

Exterminators in Sandy, Utah, often use different chemicals and methods to remove pests such as cockroaches, and it all depends on the species, the area of the infestation, and the root cause of it all.

Make sure to place your furniture in such a way that it does not create pockets of darkness and humidity in your home. All kinds of pests love dark and warm places, not only cockroaches. If you can, place lamps in corners and always use a strong vacuum cleaner to collect dust and debris. The dirt under your shoes could also harbor pests, so make sure to leave dirty or soiled footwear in an area where sunlight could reach them.

If you don’t want to share your home with these cockroaches, you should maintain cleanliness at all times. Dirt, moisture, and darkness are all invitation for cockroaches and other pests to inhabit your home. It would be best if you made an effort to get your home to be the exact opposite of what is appealing to these creatures.

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